Benefits to Students, Educators and the Environment

Young people will benefit by:

• Expanding their eco-consciousness;

• Learning about green technology;

• Developing leadership skills;

• Finding their voice;

• Stretching their expectations of self;

• Positively impacting their peers, families, schools, communities, and planet;

• Creating and building upon a vision of a sustainable future;

• Opportunities to engage leaders, peers and educators;

• Participating in a grass roots movement to sustain the planet; and,

• Participating in field trips – a popular experiential form of learning that excites the imagination of students and actively involves teachers.


Educators will benefit by:

• Gaining access to a wide network of professional volunteers to aid in projects, provide classroom lectures, hands-on teaching assistance (on environmental subjects) and guide field trips as well as nearby nature walks;

• Participating in guided fieldtrips and receiving help with transportation costs;

• Connecting classrooms with STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics) professionals via ongoing “Ask a Scientist”, “Ask an Engineer”, “Ask a Green Technology Expert”, “Ask an Artist”,  video shorts and related forum chats and blogs;

• Meeting and collaborating with other school clubs from varying socio-economic backgrounds and cultures;

• Accessing a dynamic events calendar offering teacher workshops and information on upcoming events;

• Accessing monthly newsletters containing articles from STEAM professionals and children on environmental sustainability topics;

• Training;

• Accessing EGSCN curriculum and related curriculum models on the EGSCN website; and,

• Creating and customizing a EGSCN hosted classroom environmental club to securely post pictures, videos, blogs, event calendars, curriculum, newsletters and projects in addition to communicating with other EGSCN classroom clubs throughout the country.

The Environment will benefit by

Starting and sustaining a grass roots movement committed to acting on behalf of a sustainable earth. Studies indicate that people protect what they know and what they love. EGSCN will educate children in environmental sustainability and give them access to the natural world around them to create a lasting connection with the health of the planet.