We Are One initiative in collaboration with the Eco-Green School Club of Nigeria (EGSCN) is organizing an International Tree Planting event where you plant a tree alongside 1000+ people from about 20 countries.

You get matched to a person outside your country to plant a tree with and you will do the same for the person in your country!

This gives you an opportunity to have an International pen friend with a growing tree to nurture together. Join in the fun and Networking.

What is the event about?

We Are One Initiative (WAO) understands the need for tree plantation in today’s world. Keeping this need in mind WAO has come up with an initiative of planting trees across different countries in the world in the name of our loved ones.

Not only will two people from two different countries get to interact with each other and form a sturdy relationship but also plant a tree in their country in the name of their partner’s loved one.

How do we join the event?

A registration form is available here. The person or organization interested has to register with the help of the form with the required details. Soon the individual will be matched to an individual having similar interests. He/she may be from any country.

What is the time period for this event?

The time for the International Tree Plantation event is from 23rd August to 23rd November. The dates are tentative due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

How will an individual connect with the partner?

All the individuals and organizations will be added to a Facebook group. Where they can contact each other and network.