Due to the huge problem been faced in the Solid Waste Management Sector, Eco-Green Africa created the innovation unit to research and develop technological means of making the operational processes in Solid Waste Management easy and more efficient.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Eco-Green Africa Innovation Unit developed a Hand’s free smart Trash Bin that opens the lid of the bin when it senses a motion, The aim of the product is to reduce and avoid the transmission of germs that can be contacted on touching the lids of trash waste bins.

Because of the challenges of sustainable waste management for recycling purposes, Eco-Green Africa Innovation Unit designed a Smart Waste Bin. These Challenges include:

  • The majority of Nigerians do not practice Segregation of Wastes
  • Lack of efficient Recycling structures
  • Inconsistency in Waste Pick-Up
  • Lack of Environmental Values, etc.

The Smart Waste Bin will help reduce improper recycling sorting, it uses artificial intelligence-based object recognition to automatically sort recyclables into separate compartments, the machine also compresses the wastes and monitors how full the bin is. Also to avoid the daily routine of waste collection by waste collection services, the Smart Waste Bin has a waste level sensor that collects and fills data on fill level and also notifies the collection services when the Bins get filled up. Also for every recyclable waste deposited the Smart Machine will print out a payslip for the cash for trash. Click the Link to watch Video.