OPTIONAL FOR FIRST GREEN FLAG: A broad age range from your nursery or school is represented on your Eco-Committee, when a group of children is too young to represent themselves they can be represented by a staff member from their room and/or a parent/guardian. Please note it is not necessary to appoint a new Eco-Committee each academic year.

Your Eco-Committee meets at least once every quarter. Evidence from Eco-Committee meetings is recorded and demonstrates children’s involvement.

Evidence from meetings is recorded on your Eco-Board.

OPTIONAL FOR FIRST GREEN FLAG: There is representation from managers and/or parents on your Eco-Committee. They do not have to attend every meeting but should be kept up-to-date.

Older children on your Eco-Committee inform other children in your school or nursery about your Eco-Schools work.

Eco-Schools Team Tips

Younger Eco-Committees will not be as formal as those in primary or secondary schools. Instead of formal Eco-Committee meetings have informal chats, take photos and use speech bubbles to document what was discussed. You can also make your Eco-Committee feel very important by giving them eco-responsibilities: they might be in charge of reminding teachers to turn lights off (when not in use) or helping adults take recycling to the recycling bin.