Our vision is to revive the health of Africa’s Ecosystem. Establish a low carbon, climate-resilient, and 5Rs oriented Society. We are committed to attaining an environmentally sustainable future for Africa.


  • To collaborate, affiliate and partner with Government Bodies, NGOs, FBOs, CBOs, Educational Institutions, Corporate Organizations and International Agencies for the implementation of environmental development projects and formulation/implementation of environmental policies all over Africa; and in addition provide consultancy to institutions and organizations in the region for the establishment of similar institutions/organization to achieve an Environmentally Sustainable Africa.
  • To establish associations, institutes,  councils and schools for teaching, training and research in different emerging fields and to award degrees, diplomas and certificates to that effect; and in addition  organize conferences, mentorship program, capacity building workshops, seminars, trainings, exhibitions, environmental T.V/radio shows, tours and collection of statistics/data regarding environmental sustainability and natural resource conservation in Africa.
  • To restore Environmental values lacking in our Society and an attitudinal change through sensitization, awareness campaigns, building alliances with key stakeholders, communication/interaction with the public; and in addition discourage the use of single use plastic, promote the 5Rs – (Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Repurpose and Recycling) and endorse environmental products and services for the improvement of the environmental well-being of our Society.
  • To increase the eco-consciousness and social responsibility of young people and also raise the next generation of leaders who will have the knowledge, passion, and skills to promote and work towards environmental sustainability and also champion the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) in Africa. Also to foster and avail volunteer opportunities on Environmental community services.
  • To encourage compliance with relevant environmental laws and regulations; lobby for new policies or regulations and improve the environmental management systems in the society by fostering partnerships with the government, corporate bodies, community leaders, community groups and civil societies in order to enhance our environment.